Are you willing to help us? Give us some of your time; share your knowledge, experience and plain human warmth? We can offer you one of the many options that will allow you personally to fulfill yourself by helping others. So what can you do?

  • Supporting our organization initiatives on Knesset committees

  • Actual help to those in need

  • Hotline operators

  • Writing and translating content for our website

  • Managing our pages on social media

  • And much more…

If you have decided to become one of our volunteers, you can call us on the phone, join our group on Facebook and fill out the following form:

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  • YouTube
  • Instagram

משימתנו היא לעזור לאזרחים ותושבים ישראליים להכיר את הזכויות שלהם ולהנות מהן, לאפשר גישה בחינם להשכלה בנושאי החוק ולקדם שקיפות בפעילות הרשויות

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